Good copywriting can have an impact on nearly all aspects of your company. From boosting your organic search results to improving your brand visibility.

Why is Copywriting Important

Why is copywriting important? It’s common knowledge that every business uses words to communicate with their customers. Whether it’s an email, a social post, website copy, or online ads, there are many areas of marketing that companies use to reach your target audience. 

But what might not be as well known is that the effectiveness of these different marketing avenues is highly influenced by the quality of copywriting.

Is a company’s ad unique and engaging all while informing you of their product and unique brand positioning? Or is it run-of-the-mill and maybe even unclear what they’re advertising?

The difference between these two scenarios comes down to the copywriting. But what exactly is copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting

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In its most basic definition, copywriting is using words in advertisements and marketing materials to educate customers on why they should use your product or company over a competitor. It’s choosing words and phrases that resonate with your consumer and end up with a desired action – usually buying a product or service from your company.

This element of marketing is more than words strung together, though, which is what makes it a craft that not just everyone can do. While writing is a more common skill, not everyone can effectively copywrite.

Good copywriting can have a positive impact on nearly all aspects of your company. From boosting your organic search results and sales, to improving your brand image and visibility, there are a number of ways you can benefit from including copywriting in your marketing strategy.

1. Copywriting Can Boost SEO

Good copywriting can improve your SEO and search result rankings, but this takes skill and knowledge from the copywriter. To achieve this through copywriting goes beyond the dated search engine optimization strategies of simply keyword stuffing articles with your target phrase.

Copywriters, especially those who specialize in SEO, know how to craft messages that will resonate with your target audience, all while keeping SEO best practices in mind to ensure you’re also able to rank for your desired keywords. 

Some SEO best practices for copywriting are analyzing the competing SERPs, exploring and researching the topic in-depth, finding high-volume and low competition keywords, and matching keyword intent.

Boosting your SEO will help get your website in front of more people searching for your products or services on search engines. More people seeing your site will lead to more clicks, and more sales, and more revenue… You get the point.

2. Copywriting Improves Conversion Rates & Sales

Copywriting Improves Conversion Rates & Sales

In today’s competitive market, consumers have more options than ever before. With good copywriting, your company can stand out from the crowd by showcasing what makes your product or service different. It allows you to clearly position your brand, your value, and your unique selling proposition to your targeted audience.

Through clear, concise, and compelling messaging, you can also educate your customer on your product or service offering. The more educated a consumer is about a product and its benefits, the more likely they are to buy it.

In short, copywriting helps you show your target audience how you’re the best fit for them, and encourages them to take action by buying your product or service.

3. Copywriting Helps Your Brand Image

Brand image refers to how a company would like to portray themselves to their targeted audience. Witty copywriting can be useful for companies that want to show that they can also have fun. A common example of this are startups. They usually have colorful graphics and light-hearted copywriting that portrays their fun brand.

Informational and factual copywriting is typically more common and important in more professional industries, like law and healthcare. Depending on what industry your business is in, selecting a good copywriter can help your brand identity come to life through the page.

Effective copywriting can also protect your brand image. Have you ever seen an advertisement with a spelling error in it? It probably didn’t give you a lot of confidence in that brand, did it? At the very least, you might’ve subconsciously judged that brand or business for their mistake. An experienced copywriter will be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

4. Copywriting Increases Your Local Visibility

Copywriting Local Visibility

Similar to copywriting for SEO, you can write copy to increase your local visibility. Including your targeted area in your website and blog posts will help your website rank for your specific area.

By including your targeted area in your copy, you’re able to let potential consumers know where you offer your services. You’ll also spend less time on unqualified leads if you’re able to cut down on those coming in from outside your service area.

Good local copywriting can help your company reach the local SEO 3-pack, which are the top three businesses highlighted on Google My Business. These results are shown for being most relevant to the user’s query and also being closest to the user’s location. 

Be sure to set up your Google My Business profile for this as well. As part of our local SEO service package, Jack & Bean starts by optimizing your GMB profile in conjunction with solid local copywriting that can help you achieve these coveted spots in search results.

5. Copywriting Can Help Small Businesses

For all the reasons stated above, copywriting is critical for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses. Through quality copywriting, small businesses can hone in their brand image, communicate their products and services effectively, and reach consumers in their targeted area.

For some small businesses, they might think they can’t afford to hire a copywriter if they lack the in-house personnel to take this on themselves. One trade-off for spending money is the time you’ll likely save by hiring a copywriter. It’s up to the small business whether or not that tradeoff is worth it, but it’s something to consider when looking at the value a copywriter could bring to your company.

If you’re wanting to try copywriting in-house first, check out our tips below on how to write good copy.

How to Write Good Copy

How to Write Good Copy

While great copywriting comes from years of honing your craft, there are some easy tips to help your messaging stand out from the crowd.

Make every word matter

Part of impactful writing is conveying your message concisely. To do this, ensure every word you write has meaning and matters to your overall message. Go through your revisions with a fine-tooth comb and remove any unnecessary words. Your final product should be short, informative, and powerful.

Ensure your headlines are communicative

Your headlines should communicate what that section is about. Instead of “Railroads”, think more specific. “Types of Durable Railroads in Virginia” tells you a lot more about that section. This not only helps with SEO efforts, but it also helps to organize your article and inform your visitor on what content is in that section.

Evoke emotion

Think about what marketing efforts have stuck with you. What comes to mind? Chances are it made you feel something – happy, sad, empowered. Creating an emotional connection, whether that be from humor or sympathy, is important to sticking in your target audience’s mind.

Write copy tailored to your medium

What you write for a billboard with limited space will probably be (and should be) different than a webpage that you can make as long as you want. A webpage will also be quite different from a script in a commercial. Effective copywriting takes into account the medium the message will be used and what expectations the audience has with that medium.

Write copy that sells

Why should someone buy your product or service? Keeping the answer to that question at the heart of your copywriting will help you write copy that sells. 

It can also help with other copywriting best practices, like making every word matter, by trimming out some of the excess words that don’t support why someone should choose you over a competitor.

Professional Copywriting Services

While copywriting might not be as flashy as some forms of marketing, like ads or videos, it can actually influence all areas of your marketing strategy, making it a critical component of any company. 

The benefits to be had from effective copywriting are plentiful, too. When you can increase conversions and sales, boost your local visibility, and showcase your unique brand positioning, why wouldn’t you focus on quality copywriting? There’s numerous positives to be reaped from investing in this form of marketing.

As mentioned above, sometimes hiring outside help with your copywriting will pay off in all the time you save – and the expertise they can bring to your project. If you’re seeking professional copywriting services, Jack & Bean can help. Contact us to see how we can help grow your business with professional  copywriting services.

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