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Business Copywriting Services

Gain consumer trust. Convey expertise. Encourage conversations. Artful copywriting is crucial to ensuring your brand, business communications and digital channels are unified in voice and message.

Our professional copywriters collaborate with your marketing team to deliver content that conveys subject matter expertise and generates new contacts.

Why Your Business Needs Jack & Bean for Copywriting

Professional copywriting is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Many businesses that attempt an in-house initiative find that it is costly to cultivate professional-grade copy internally. Partnering with a specialized content marketing agency like Jack & Bean can produce the same content – on time and under budget – and we do it well so you don’t have to.


Companies with dedicated marketing departments utilize our copywriting services to allow their teams to focus their efforts on leveraging the content we deliver, managing their digital channels and nurturing leads to drive results. We work on flexible retainers on a monthly basis with most of our clients, and also maintain partnerships with advertising agencies who don’t specialize in copywriting or content marketing.

Our copywriting department consists of a team of professional writers with decades of industry-specific experience. We take the time to thoroughly understand your audience, history and challenges so that we are able to deliver compelling copy for distribution on any marketing channel.

Industries We Write Copy For




Business Consulting

Law Practice & Legal

Sales & Marketing

Dental & Orthodontics

Home Services

Our Professional Copywriting Approach

At Jack & Bean, we value your subject matter expertise. As copywriters, our mandate is to elevate this expertise and express your brand story through our deliverables. Becoming intimately familiar with every aspect of your brand and industry is our first step.


We research and internalize your brand, products, services, values, culture, as well as that of your competitors for opportunity analysis. We explore your web presence and interview your team in order to understand your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and your target audience profile.

We then consider deficiencies in your general content strategy. For example, you may lack volume of copy on your websites and other marketing channels. Or perhaps you have far too much copy to be an effective sales tool and it needs condensing and organizing.

One common way we handle too much copy is to strategically convert and segment the bulk into informational blog articles, less focused on conversions and sales than the retained informational pages, but retaining their value as a resource for prospects and customers.

We also assist with positioning and conversion optimization of content based on your product offerings, sales goals and marketing funnel structure.

Once we’ve identified and sufficiently addressed your copywriting needs at a strategic level, we’ll scope out deliverables, estimate engagement timelines, and get to work. Our content strategists and writers remain engaged and accessible as we cultivate content that meets defined standards for release.

We encourage you to explore our content writing process in more detail within our blog.