$50/mo for the Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Solution.

Tired of your website loading slowly, timing out, and just all-around taking too long to work on and use? Not wanting to drop $200+ on a private dedicated server to fix your speed woes? Want to keep your site up-to-date, worry-free? We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

At Jack & Bean, we want our clients to have the fastest website foundation available. We have created a unique hosting offering that allows you to experience absurd dedicated server hosting speeds at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private dedicated server. We even keep the site updated and secured!

Our dedicated server WordPress hosting will be the fastest hosting you’ve ever experienced – guaranteed.

The Right Hosting Resources in All the Right Places

Traditional shared hosting and even pricey virtual private server (VPS) hosting products both artificially limit I/O usage like the CPU and network bandwidth, while overselling far too much storage space than is needed for typical business WordPress sites – knowing full-well you’ll never use it. This way they can cram hundreds (or even thousands) of websites into a single server. It’s a win-win for them, and a lose-lose for you.

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We’ve flipped this scenario and tailored our fully-controlled dedicated servers’ offerings to fit business WordPress needs more practically, while saving you the price tag of a private dedicated server (PDS).

We help keep costs low by providing less SSD space and RAM than similarly-priced VPS solutions, but still 10X the space and 25X the RAM you’ll use, on average. Conversely, we offer unlimited server I/O resources on-demand, for when you need it most.

We also keep your site backed up, updated and secured, at no additional cost.

Our Hosting Speed Guarantee

We guarantee our dedicated server hosting speeds will be the fastest your WordPress website has ever experienced, or your money back!

J&B Hosting: Exactly What Businesses Need

Unlike traditional website hosts, we developed our hosting offering for maximum speed, reliability and client affordability, rather than from a money-making approach.

At Jack & Bean, we developed our hosting offerings out of a desire to benefit ourselves and our clients by making it as fast and affordable as possible. We aimed to remove eliminate website hosting environments as a limiting factor for our development and marketing efforts.

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Our dedicated server hosting is far superior to shared and VPS solutions, which are fundamentally the same: both limit your I/O resources (like CPU usage and bandwidth) to a small percentage of the server’s maximum, to cram as many websites as possible onto the machine for maximum profitability.

Jack & Bean is a digital content marketing agency based out of Phoenix, AZ. We aren’t out to be a web host. But we know that site speed impacts both user experiences and SEO, and so we simply have crafted this specialized hosting offering to provide ourselves and our clients the fastest website hosting environments to develop on and market from.

We are happy to undercut VPS pricing while providing more crucial resources where it matters. As developers and steward WordPress admins for hundreds of business websites, we at Jack & Bean interact with and benefit from fast hosting in more ways than lay website visitors.

We give our clients no reason to balk at our dedicated server hosting offerings. When a website is fast, it’s a win-win-win: for our agency, our SMB clients, and their consumers.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting Features

In addition to its raw speed, our hosting plan comes with many bells and whistles.

* Does not include WordPress-based email marketing campaigns

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