SEO Blog Writing Pricing Plans

Although we will happily quote a custom engagement, these are our most commonly selected packages for SEO blog writing and content marketing.


  • 3 content pieces
  • 3,000 words/mo
  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly strategy call


  • 5 content pieces
  • 5,000 words/mo
  • Monthly reports + summary video
  • Monthly strategy call


  • 8 content pieces
  • 8,000 words/mo
  • Monthly reports + summary video
  • Semi-monthly strategy call

Our Trusted Approach to Blog Writing

A successful content marketing effort must include a quality blog.

With limitless potential for organic traffic, a properly-planned blog will keep your organic traffic growth fueled indefinitely and become the pillar of your SEO efforts.

However, a business can’t just start writing and expect results. Blogging without data is a recipe for a blog devoid of organic traffic.

Successful blogs:

  • Are carefully planned
  • Are data-driven
  • Employ professional writers
  • Require a large investment
  • Often take many months to build momentum

The satisfying end-result of a successful SEO blog is a sustainably growing stream of site visitors who trust your expertise, a portion of which convert into paying customers.

The quality content and internal backlinks also have a “halo effect” on the rest of your website’s important pages, driving up your overall domain authority as well.

In other words, our blog writing services will result in higher search engine rankings and more conversion-capable traffic to your website!

Jack & Bean has written thousands of blog articles for clients across dozens of industries, all based on data-driven keyword research to ensure success. We’d love to share more about our process, get to know your needs, and do the same for your business. Schedule a call with us and let’s chat – you won’t regret it!

The Importance of a Business Blog

Successful organic growth requires an active blog (among other components) with a focus on quality and driven by data.

When executed properly, a blog will boost your Domain Rating (DR) and your online presence. A blog also allows for limitless content writing topics by nature, allowing it to become the preeminent form of content distribution for your brand.

If you want to dominate your industry organically, investing in “altruistic” resource creation and information sharing through blogs and guest blogging is the most dependable and expansive method.  This is why your business needs a quality blog for SEO.

Why You Need Jack & Bean for Blog Writing

Do you have dozens of hours each month to spend writing professional-grade content, and at least half that again to do keyword and audience research, in addition to running your company? For virtually all business owners and marketing executives, the answer is “no way!” and that’s where a partnership with Jack & Bean comes in.

phoenix blog writing agency logo jackandbean

At J&B, we not only alleviate the time required for blogging, but our expertise and proven approach ensure exceptional results. Our process is no secret, either. We’ve already given away the farm, having created an in-depth white hat SEO guide with various related blog articles of our own articles. We encourage you to check it for an in-depth look into a powerful SEO strategy and why trusting professionals with your website’s blog content writing is essential.

Through decades of experience in the industry, we’ve struck an incredible balance between utilizing our clients as resources and respecting their time. As we plan content, we efficiently utilize your team as subject matter experts and keep you updated during the writing process.

The best part is, we produce professional organic ranking results that will keep bringing you customers indefinitely, while also engaging your existing audience consistently.

Blog Writers with Industry-Specific Experience

Each of our writers has developed subject matter expertise in several industry verticals. Commonly engaged sectors include:





We will always make an effort to connect you with a writer who already has extensive experience writing content for your industry and similar audiences. Our writers have even visited the clients they’re assigned to in-person, even if they’re across the country, to ensure an in-depth understanding of each brand.

Overview of Our SEO Blog Content Writing Process

From inception to publishing/promotion, our SEO blog deliverables are focused on improving SERP rankings and organic traffic.

1) Onboarding: Blog Content Strategy & Planning

Content strategy is an ongoing service that mostly takes place autonomously “behind the scenes” once an engagement has begun.

When you first come aboard, we have several consultation and strategy calls over the course of the first few weeks. We collect information, reveal your topic and audience opportunities, discuss your immediate pain points and long-term goals, and answer any related questions.

As a rule, broader, more popular topics tend to be tougher to rank for. Our SEO toolset allows us to drill down into deeper, more viable topics as needed. The resulting list of targeted keywords and topics are highly relevant to your brand, your business goals, and are viable to compete for in SERPs.

Over the course of our engagement, we will continue to encourage you and your team to reach out with any topics you have an interest in having written about. We may dissuade (or encourage) having the topic pursued, based on data and findings regarding the keyword or topic.

Once we are intimately familiar with your business and its positioning, we get to work. We take the various data sets and context collected from our discovery and utilize our professional tools to create one or more proposals.

Most initial strategy proposals will include some recommended split of 1st and 3rd-party (guest blog) deliverables, along with several months of topic recommendations. You may need lots of 1st-party content, or you may have too much and need outreach and backlinks. We may also recommend some one-time on-page SEO, depending on your site’s technical health.

Once a content strategy plan is approved, as mentioned above, additional strategy will take place “behind the scenes” to supplement the never-ending list of topics for both 1st and 3rd party posts we will help write on your behalf. Occasionally if we find large topic clusters, we may mark them for discussion on our quarterly strategy calls (if applicable to your plan).

2) Onboarding: Assigning Your Blog Writer

During your onboarding and initial content strategy exploration, as we get familiar with your company, we’ll also assign you a dedicated writer.

Most of our clients have a single primary writer, which we prefer for voice and content consistency. However, some engagements are large enough to necessitate additional writers. At least one additional writer will touch each content piece, as an editor.

We select your writer based on a few factors. First, we look for relevant industry experience in your industry. We also consider writing style and other strengths.

All of our writers are exceptionally qualified, and most have relevant higher-education degrees such as English or Journalism, coupled with years of blog and article authoring experience.

3) Article Creation: Blog Topic Selection

Closely tied to content strategy, blog topic selection is a recurring service that runs quietly in the background of your engagement, and repeats before each article is embarked upon.

We will always have a prioritized queue of blog topics for you (which originated during content strategy) based on a combination of keyword difficulty, search volume and contextual relevance. We will share this queue with you regularly if desired for your input as well.

We then continually build out blog article projects internally for execution based on that queue, and ensure your blog articles are being regularly created and published on-schedule.

But just because we came up with an interesting blog idea doesn’t mean it can easily succeed. A given topic and its related keywords need to have sufficient organic search traffic, indicating searcher and audience interest.

Even then, the keywords have to be attainable given your DR (Domain Rating), also known as domain authority (DA).

Sometimes appealing topics have to be tabled until your website is capable of ranking competitively for them by having more content and backlinks. Or we may have to approach a given difficult topic understanding that it will require post-publication promotion such as guest blogging to prop up its authority.

Thus, our queue of topics may fluctuate based on performance analysis and the introduction of additional content clusters. Some topics might be pushed back and others pulled forward, to achieve better results more quickly.

We always remain critical during the blot topic selection, and will select the topics we believe best align with your domain profile and strategy goals.

For the purposes of a single article, this is when we would pick that next topic and its first of three main phases, keyword research, would begin immediately.

4) Article Creation: Blog Keyword Research & Writing Briefs

With a topic selected, our blog articles undergo three main phases during creation:

  1. Researching (writing brief)
  2. Outlining
  3. Drafting

After a draft is approved, we do publish for some clients, and promote the article for backlinks for others – but those three phases (researching, outlining and drafting) are the core of our blog writing process.

Furthermore, we consider the writing brief produced during keyword research to be the most important deliverable in our blog writing process; more so than either the outline or the final draft. This deliverable is produced by an SEO specialist and not by the writer.

The writing brief contains the win conditions that a writer must adhere to in order to ensure the blog article produced has the correct traits to succeed organically. Without it, writers are left stabbing in the dark to make an article succeed.

Although we focus on quality writing, such must be paired with research findings from this phase in order to foster a successful SEO blog article. Writers must know which keyword variants to use/avoid, what subtopics to include/exclude, what existing articles and sources to draw inspiration from, and much more.

5) Article Creation: Outlining

Armed with a content brief, your writer will begin outlining the article. This will include sourcing material from various places, including:

  • Your website
  • Competitors’ websites and competing SERP results
  • Independent resources
  • Interviews and discussions with you and your team.

Although we aim to be autonomous, our writers are not shy when it comes to asking for a quick call to gather some information during the outlining phase. After all, you and your team⁠ are the true subject matter experts. This ensures our ghostwriting is authentic and retains your brand and voice.

With all information gathered, we will outline the article and prepare it for drafting. The outline is then double-checked by your project manager to ensure it aligns with general strategy and contains the key elements from the writing brief.

6) Article Creation: Drafting

Finally, our methodical preparation efforts all culminate in a professional blog article being drafted. The drafting phase is usually quite quick, with the heavy lifting having been done during researching and outlining.

The first draft of the blog is reviewed by one of our editing writers, with revisions being handled by either the editor or the primary writer depending on severity. Editing typically only goes through a single round, but occasionally will go through an extra round or two of revisions if there are major concerns or discoveries.

The final blog draft is triple-checked by your project manager, and the final SEO components are also created at this point, such as the blog’s SEO title and meta description.

We can optionally source images and create infographics for your blog article. These components will typically be regularly included/excluded based on your retainer agreement.

Finally, we deliver the polished article to you for approval. Any criticism is welcome, and we will happily revise the blog article as-needed until you are satisfied with the end-product

7) Article Creation: Publishing

If your team does not publish internally, you may have us do so on your behalf. We will ensure all SEO bases are covered.

SEO titles and meta descriptions are properly defined. Image file names and alt tags are checked. Headings, text formatting and links are manually confirmed. We will also submit the article to Google Search Console for priority crawling once live.

Once published, we will share the live link with you and your team. Feel free to grin with satisfaction and thank us in-turn on our hard work!

8) Article Promotion

The blog articles we write will perform well in SERPs. That is the point of our keyword research efforts, to ensure a baseline capability. However, many blog posts will need an additional boost to overtake articles from domains with higher authority and/or more backlinks in order to climb to the top of page one for focus keywords.

We almost always know this from the outset, and so post-publication promotion is expected as a necessity.

We can assist with this by facilitating quality backlinks from other authoritative sites back to the blog article in need. These backlinks come in many forms, including guest blogs, community discussion links (for informational articles), link replacements, and more.

We take great pride in our backlink efforts and make sure to avoid any gray hat (or black hat) SEO practices. We do not participate in PBNs (private blog networks) or low-quality link exchanges. We’re in this with you for the long run, and such efforts are diminishing with time as Google has promised they would.

) A Blog Writing Process that Never Ends

The process detailed above (aside from the assignment of blog writers) can be repeated indefinitely. Our keyword research for individual blog articles constantly reveals new viable topics to write about. Existing articles will always need promoting and improving to become and then stay dominant. There is always work to do and more organic traffic to capture!

Ready to see our blog writing services in action?

We Write Fewer, Longer Blog Articles

Fun fact – and a misconception we’re constantly debunking: Your blog article publishing frequency alone has nothing to do with your Google rankings. Quality, usefulness and backlinks are what are going to make your posts succeed – and that’s what we focus on and excel at.

In fact, sacrificing article quality for the sake of increased publishing frequency can have several negative effects.

Don’t Worry about Post Frequency – Less is Often More!

blog article publishing frequency quality

You’re much less likely to keep new and existing visitors engaged with low-quality posts and updates. We want your audience craving new content, not dreading or avoiding it.

While a consistent blog writing effort is important, producing frequent low-quality content has a “spam” effect on your readers, whose attention spans are getting shorter all the time. Thus only the best, most highly-critiqued articles should make it to your blog. We ensure that for you.

Publishing too frequently can also cause you to cannibalize your own organic efforts by ranking poorly multiple times for the same keywords. This happens often if blog topics overlap or repeat⁠. Many businesses are prone to do this on their own seasonally/annually, for instance.

If a blog topic warrants revisiting, we recommend just updating the existing article, rather than creating a new one. Visitors love to see blog posts that are updated⁠ – it gives articles renewed relevance and shows you care about the content’s longevity and accuracy.

Updating existing blog articles also ensures we keep that quality focus, resulting in fewer articles while boosting organic rankings. Quality, Quality, Quality!

Our golden rule is we don’t publish an article until it’s completely ready⁠: thoroughly explored, critiqued internally, and reviewed externally. While we rarely struggle to meet publishing deadlines, we will admittedly and overtly do so if it’s in the best interest of the content.

Longer Quality Blogs Rank Better

Our blog articles are rarely under 1000 words. In fact, it isn’t unusual to see our content pieces in the two to three thousand word range.

Our long articles are due in part to the quality of our writing briefs, giving writers extensive mandates to fulfill in order to adequately address the topic.

It also just so happens that blog article quality tends to correlate with blog article length, and longer blog articles rank higher and for more keywords (as long as quality is maintained).

Word count isn’t everything, obviously. There are various other metrics we consider, which we discuss in-depth in our article on the anatomy of successful website content.

At Jack & Bean, we understand it’s much better to post a few high-quality articles less frequently than many mediocre articles often, and you will reap the benefits of this strategy with our blog writing services.

Blogging as Part of Your SEO Strategy

Your blog is the essential component of your SEO efforts. For many successful companies, their blog is the first point of contact for the majority of website visitors. This first impression is vital, and the blog must reflect your brand; it must be informative and must impress.

Your blog should be one large aspect of a more comprehensive content marketing campaign.

Quality content production can also include other formats like videos, infographics, and podcasts. Additional channels such as email newsletters and social media should be utilized to publish and share this content.

To dominate SERPs, your audience needs to stay engaged with quality content across multiple channels. Keep that long term goal in sight and your search rankings will steadily climb.

Writing is what we do at Jack & Bean – we’re quality-focused content marketers.

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