Our Keyword Research Agency Will Find Your Ideal Content Topics

A perfect article has tons of relevant traffic interest and no competition. Realistically, those opportunities are few and far between. Trafficked topics tend to have a correlating increase in keyword difficulty.

However, the traffic and keyword difficulty relationship has plenty of variance. Our agency’s keyword research services reveal outliers that have the best return (most volume) for a given keyword difficulty.

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Avoid Overly Competitive Keywords

Quality keyword research also avoids overly difficult keywords, so you don’t waste time writing about a topic that will be unreasonably hard or impossible to rank on the first page of Google for.

Oftentimes these “dud” keywords have long-tail variants that are viable, you just have to dive deeper and get more specific with your topics. Just follow the data!

Pull Ahead of Your Competitors’ SERP Rankings

We analyze your competition and find out which keywords are performing best for them, as well as what we should clearly avoid or ignore. We learn from both your competition’s content writing successes as well as their failures.

We then springboard forward, ensuring we not only match their effectiveness for the given topics, but exceed it. Overtake your competition and dominate Google search results with our keyword research services!

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Update Existing Content & Improve Older Articles

Critical analysis of your existing content can reveal easy opportunities to tweak or pivot articles for increased organic exposure and audience engagement.

Don’t be intimidated by an existing portfolio of low-trafficked articles. Jack & Bean’s keyword research services can bring them back to life!

Missing strategic guidance on an existing content marketing effort?

The majority of our keyword research services are rendered in conjunction with larger content writing campaigns, but we also provide it as a standalone service to businesses capable of completing the writing internally.

Unlock Unlimited Blog Potential with Long Tail Keywords

Our in-depth keyword research services naturally reveal viable subtopics and related keywords for sustainable, additional work.

We like to use the analogy of a chain reaction. Each keyword exploration produces a number of additional topics to consider for additional use, which in turn will produce additional subtopics of their own, and so on.

No matter your niche, there is virtually no limit to long-tailed keywords that can lead to massive amounts of organic traffic and growth.

Keyword Rankings Tracking & Ongoing Analysis

Ongoing analytics of your keyword rankings are crucial for noting where additional promotion is needed. We consider keyword ranking improvements to be the most important metric to measure success of our SEO and content writing services.

We offer detailed keyword tracking as a component of our content marketing retainers, but can also offer it as a standalone service upon request. Contact us for more information.

Keyword Research is the Foundation for your SEO Campaign

A complete content marketing campaign includes quality writing, link building, guest blogging, community engagement, and much more. But before any of that extensive work takes place, choosing the right target keywords to focus on is paramount.

Have confidence in the topics you choose to pour time, effort and budget into. Leverage our keyword research services as the sturdy foundation for your content marketing efforts.