Our Composition

Jack & Bean is a boutique content marketing agency based in Arizona. Our remote team of project managers, writers, developers and designers is spread across the United States, with employees in all four contiguous time zones. We’re still eyeing Hawaii!

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As an experienced virtual agency, we have the knowhow to build marketing initiatives from scratch and the flexibility to scale for larger engagements. No matter the size or scope of the project, we manage all of our clients’ accounts with the same care and attention. Though we’ve grown to service larger accounts, we remember how we got here and continue actively serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our Approach

Our content marketing approach encompasses multifaceted strategies, including data-driven content creation, SEO-perfect website deployment, strategic link building, and much more. Our projects and recurring engagements are custom-tailored to your needs, but all share a common focus on one crucial factor: quality. Quality is the key to organic success. Quality SEO isn’t easy, but it’s worth the investment, and it’s why you need a competent agency like Jack & Bean helming your efforts.

We are passionate about our process and our principles. As thought leaders in our field, we share our findings and processes openly on our blog and through our own guest posts. We also practice what we preach, ensuring we consistently implement our processes internally both to demonstrate and refine/adapt over time.

Our Principles

Jack & Bean strives to practice and promote ethical and sustainable techniques across all aspects of our marketing services and business. We always do what is right by you as our client, because we value your long-term success and partnership far above any short-term gains. We also seek opportunities to educate our clients and community members to empower their digital marketing and self-start efforts.

Practicing ethical and sustainable SEO and content marketing is also a pragmatic business decision, as it is most reliably safeguards against future Google algorithm updates. This ensures your organic results align with high quality content and user engagement. With such “evergreen” content, your ranking authority and other metrics that Google cares about compound with time.

Intent alone is not sufficient for market dominance, of course. We also value transparency and leverage trusted data sources to drive our strategic and analytical components. There is nothing more reassuring than having victory terms defined before the launch of a campaign, and we not only ensure that you won’t lose – we show how you’ll win.

Strategy. Sustainability. Growth. Jack & Bean.

Our Journey

Jack & Bean was founded in 2016, when our co-founders combined their freelance practices and industry experiences into a digital marketing agency with capabilities greater than the sum of its parts. With expertise dating back to 2005, and previous employers ranging from GoDaddy to local Phoenix firms like Davidson Belluso and ParaCore, our initial core competencies were web development, branding and paid advertising.

We eventually came to the realization that no matter how attractive a brand or website, there is no guarantee of success without proactive execution of a competent marketing strategy. To put a new spin on an old expression: if you build it, they will not necessarily come. This harsh reality can leave many businesses struggling and feeling like their marketing channels were useless. Many seek “SEO services”, but rarely understand what that entails – particularly given the term’s association with black/grey hat manipulation of search engines.

Jack and David fell down the white hat SEO rabbit hole in 2018, and we have yet to find our way out! In that time, we have discovered incredible tools, including Hubspot, Ahrefs, and Accuranker. J&B leverages these and other tools on behalf of clients as research and reporting tools.

We now develop content marketing and SEO offerings that have very high success rates, backed by compelling data. We help our clients grow month after month, and we no longer see those relationships as one-time engagements.

Leadership at Jack & Bean

Jack Dorney
Jack DorneyCo-Founder and CEO
Jack Dorney is Jack & Bean’s eponymous CEO and lead generation expert, overseeing PPC management and client onboarding. Jack heads up J&B’s business development and consults on marketing automation and customer relationship management systems (CRMs).

Jack enjoys staying connected with the Phoenix entrepreneurial community, serving as the Marketing Co-Lead at PHX Startup Week from 2018 – 2020, and loves hosting Dungeons & Dragons.

David Raines
David RainesCo-Founder and COO
David Raines is Jack & Bean’s resident expert on all things content marketing. He oversees the project management team and assists with marketing strategy for Jack & Bean clients.

Outside of work, David’s biggest hobby is motorsports. He participates in closed circuit road racing, follows F1 avidly, and instructs HPDE with Arizona’s National Auto Sport Association chapter. Other hobbies include traveling, at-home mixology, and both PC and board games.

Jonathan Ladd
Jonathan LaddLead Project Manager
Jonathan is Jack & Bean’s lead “PM”. He is the primary point of contact for most members of the company’s extended team of PMs, writers, developers and designers on a day-to-day basis. He also is the main contact for many clients throughout their engagement.

Jonathan’s passion centers around caring for his ever-growing nuclear family, which includes his wife, two children, two dogs, and three cats. He also enjoys reading and cheering on his Texas Rangers.