At Jack & Bean, we not only provide you with the creative services you need – including static content development, blogs, and other forms of content writing – but also work with you in a strategic capacity to help develop and guide long-term planning and resource allocation. Our consultations are data-driven and utilize the latest industry insights and best practices to develop successful content strategy.

Analyzing the Competition’s Content Strategy

Many of our engagements begin with an audit of your current marketing strategy, as well as that of your competitors. By doing so, we can ascertain what is working for your competition in terms of content marketing, paid advertising, and other marketing channels that are driving their web traffic. This allows us valuable insight into your industry and local market, and serves as a great baseline to assess opportunities going forward.

Through competitor analysis we also determine individual pages that are performing well and why. We can uncover audience/customer demand that your competitors are serving that you may not have even been aware of.

At the same time, we assess which keywords or topics would be easiest to compete for on SERPs (search engine result pages) based upon your established domain authority and that of your competition. We find the most relevant topics with the highest return by identifying the most popular topics with the least amount of organic competition.

Through algorithms developed here at J&B, we can provide you with the most cost-effective content marketing solutions. Effectively, we sift through the data and provide our conclusions so you can act decisively.

Delivering Timely Insights & Relevant Keywords

As detailed in our blog content writing process, research, preparation and outlining are key to a successful blog. Without the data to back it up, your assumptions about keyword relevance or audience expectations may be wrong. This results in minimal usefulness, relevance, or exposure and therefore little to no return on investment. When content strategy is a part of this process, an audience profile and target keywords can be provided alongside an outline to inform the writing process.

In addition, content marketing strategy can expose opportunities to effectively reposition or rewrite under-performing articles, thereby salvaging your existing efforts and making the most of work already completed. We even provide suggestions for related topics, so you can easily transition from one topic to another, minimizing the amount of time that needs to be spent on research.

If you have experienced misguided content marketing efforts in the past, Jack & Bean can help you right your brand’s course.

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Leveraging Premium Content Strategy Tools

We primarily utilize Ahrefs as our keyword and competitor analysis tool, and deploy AccuRanker and Google Analytics for keyword and organic traffic tracking respectively. This combination of upfront research, analytics and timely reporting allows us to originate and adapt content marketing strategies to our your needs, remaining highly relevant over lengthy engagements.

Determining ROI and Measuring Success

Any effective marketing engagement is structured to include reporting and analysis of ongoing efforts. We monitor organic traffic resulting from content marketing efforts, track keyword rankings and improvements, and determine which content pieces are producing the desired customer actions. With these insights in hand, we can then inform future efforts, make revisions, and adapt your overriding strategy to continually optimize your content marketing campaign.

Although SEO is often considered a long-tail approach, we aim to show that every content piece produced serves the top-level goal of building domain authority and customer trust, which in turn drives relevant traffic to your site.

At Jack & Bean, our content strategy produces consistent results. By utilizing data and tools effectively, we can know your win conditions before any writing or content production takes place. This ensures your budget is money well spent and your business experiences the growth you expect.