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Local SEO by Jack & Bean
Get Found. Everywhere.

Whether your business already manages citations, or you’re brand new to business listings management, Jack & Bean is the Local SEO agency to manage your digital presence. Secure and synchronize your business listing information everywhere from one place.

The Era of Smart Search

We have witnessed a massive shift in the platforms consumers use to find and engage with information about your business. Simple links and organic results are now replaced by intelligent answers in maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks.

These AI-powered services have created an entirely new channel where customers can engage with your business – and it’s now the biggest channel in use by consumers.


3 out of 4 consumers are going to utilize 3rd-party platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp, rather than your website, to find and look up your business information. A business listing with all fields completed across these platforms receives on average: 347% more searches, 214% more Yelp page views and 416% more listing views. That’s about 2.7x the exposure, and Yext can ensure you get it.

Your business information is being viewed mostly via 3rd-party platforms. The more complete this information is across those platforms, the greater your exposure and chance of conversion. With Yext, when you update your business information once, it’s updated everywhere, instantly. Are you in control of the 3rd-party information the vast majority of your customers are engaging with? Find out with our free listing scan tool.


Yext can publish, sync and update your business listings across over 100 platforms from one place, instantly, but that’s just the beginning of the platform’s value. In addition to its powerful business listing information management, Yext can also:

TL;DR: if you’re a local business, you need Yext. As a Yext partner, Jack & Bean can help.

Jack & Bean’s Agency-Exclusive Yext Packages


As one of the top Yext agency partners in the US, at Jack & Bean, we are able to offer custom Yext packages that differ from what you can find on Our packages have been assembled to include the most important and relevant features while providing savings where possible. Most notably, unlike the retail Yext plans, all of our core Yext packages include the ENTIRE Knowledge Network. We don’t think it’s right to split up the main selling feature into tiers, and so we don’t.

In addition to our core Yext packages, we offer a few add-ons that can be mixed and matched for the ideal service bundle. Learn more about all Yext services in-detail below.

J&B Yext Packages Overview

J&B Yext Starter

For brand-new brands and businesses
$ 35 Monthly
  • PowerListings+
  • Rich Media Syndication
  • Geocoding
  • Publisher Suggestions
  • Website Widgets
  • Scheduled Updates
  • User Roles
  • Listings Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards
  • App Directory

J&B Yext Professional

Best for established businesses
$ 50 Monthly
  • All Starter Package Features
  • Duplicate Suppression
  • Review Monitoring
  • Social Location Page Posting

J&B Yext Ultimate

Active Consumer Engagement
$ 80 Monthly
  • All Starter Package Features
  • All Pro Package Features
  • Google Q&A
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Review Generation
  • Review Publishing
  • Review Insights
  • Review Response*
  • Competitive Intelligence*

Yext Package Details

Note, there area few add-ons in addition to our Ultimate package, as detailed above in the packages overview and in more detail below.

Starter Package

Our Yext Starter package includes the complete essentials for getting your business information published and synced across the entire Yext Knowledge Network, which includes over 100 platforms like Google, Facebook and more, quickly and comprehensively. As part of the package, your listings are secured and protected from suggestions or changes without your authorization.

The Knowledge Graph feature is your hub for all of your listing information. Within this area, you fill out as many relevant fields as possible, which comprehensively include whatever information is supported across the 100+ platforms in the Knowledge Network. This can take a while the first time, but once completed, you will have published much more complete business information to over 100 platforms and websites, amplifying your business exposure exponentially.


Knowledge Graph will also provide suggestions submitted by consumers, and allow you to choose what to include or change, if anything. You can set up multiple users and levels of user access so your staff can stay indefinitely on top of updates. You can even schedule both permanent and temporary updates for certain dates, holidays and seasons.

Yext provides analytics on how consumers are interacting with your listings and set up dashboards to organize this information by your own priority. Yext even supports popular integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.

Although the feature set of our Starter package is extensive and extends beyond what was covered here briefly, we usually only recommend it to brand new businesses, and only for a limited time, for about one year or so. We recommend our Professional package to most established businesses, due to the common need for duplicate suppression.

Professional Package

Our Yext Professional package includes everything the Starter package includes. Most notably in addition, it includes an invaluable feature for most established businesses: duplicate suppression.

Duplicate Suppression alone is the reason this package is necessary in our opinion for most businesses, as some current and future listing changes are too extreme for some Knowledge Network platforms to identify with your up-to-date listing, and requires manual identification and suppression of some form. See more information on Duplicate Suppression below.


Our professional package also includes Review Monitoring, which allows you to keep track of reviews coming in from various platforms in the Knowledge Network, all in one place. Note that it does not allow for Review Generation, Review Publishing or Review Response, those are complex features of the Ultimate package. Review response is also available as an add-on for the Professional package, although we recommend just making the leap to Ultimate if you’re considering it.

The Professional package includes Social Location Page Posting, giving you the ability to make social posts to multiple places like Google, Facebook and Foursquare, all from within one platform.

Ultimate Package

Our Yext Ultimate package includes everything that the Starter and Professional packages include, along with some additional advanced features.

Sentiment Analysis is an amazing feature that gives you a deeper understanding of how specific buzzwords common to your reviews correlate with positive or negative sentiment. This tool is great for finding points of weakness to work on and points of strength to highlight.

The meat of the Ultimate package is reviews. Intelligent Review Response allows you to have responses quickly crafted based on keywords used in reviews left and then published back to the platforms they were left on.

Review Generation and Review Publishing allow you to collect and publish reviews through various channels for use on your website and organic search with Google – if you’ve ever seen star ratings below organic search results, this is how they got there – along with proper schema (Knowledge Tags). Review Insights provides various advanced analytics regarding your reviews, including in-depth content analysis.


Other notable inclusions in the Ultimate package: Google Q&A let’s you provide just that (a questions and answers section) to your Google Maps listing, managed from within Yext. Competitive Intelligence tracks your performance with metrics and allows you to compare your listing with competitors.

Still need help selecting a package? Give us a call:

Which J&B Yext Package is Right for Your Business?

Yext Starter

$35/per month

Due to its basic features, we typically only recommend Our Starter package to completely brand-new businesses.

Feature #1

Yext Professional

$50/per month

Our Professional package is necessary for established businesses, most of which require ongoing duplicate suppression.

Feature #1

Yext Ultimate

$80/per month

Our Ultimate package is for businesses that want an active role in consumer engagement via reviews, FAQs & more.

Feature #1

Yext + Jack & Bean: The Perfect Pairing


Despite being the top Yext Certified Partner agency in Arizona and one of the top in the entire US, we choose to not upcharge for Yext services, so we often get asked, “What’s in it for us, at Jack & Bean, to offer Yext?” Other than charging for our time when necessary, we provide Yext at-cost to encourage new businesses to take the important plunge into the Yext ecosystem. 

We know Yext to be a foundational toolset for exposure and knowledge management for nearly every kind of business. A well-exposed and managed business is a much more successful business that has budget to continue growing – and business growth is kind of our thing.

It also makes it a no-brainer for businesses already using Yext to allow us to help properly manage the services and ensure they’re getting maximum value out of them, very similar to how we charge to manage pay-per-click ads (PPC).

Our clients’ success from marketing with us, in part due to Yext’s offerings, have led to more growth opportunities and have strengthened the understanding for and willingness to consider additional digital marketing solutions to further encourage growth exploration.

Yext also naturally integrates into other services we offer like website design, SEO services and PPC management. It’s not very expensive to begin with, and so we’re happy to just tack provide it “à la carte” alongside our direct service offerings. 

Get Started with Yext – Try Our FREE Listings Scan Tool

See how your business listing information is faring with our free Yext-powered listings scan tool below. It will compare your business information to what can be found across various directories and show you where information is missing or incorrect, as well as where you’re lacking reviews, and more. If you want to move forward at that point, we’ll be here to help.

All Yext Services

Although there are hundreds of features of the Yext platform, we’ve highlighted the ones we feel are worth mentioning.

Table of Contents

Powerlistings+ via Knowledge Graph

Listings are the core offering of Yext. Knowledge Graph allows you to control the facts about your business across the industry-leading Yext Knowledge Network of 3rd-party sites, maps, apps, digital assistants, etc., including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, and more. All Jack & Bean Yext packages include the entire Knowledge Network.

Rich Media Syndication

Research shows that business listings with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without. Stand out from your competition and help customers choose your business by syndicating photos, videos, events, menus, and more to your listings across the Knowledge Network.

Publisher Suggestions

Decide which consumer-suggested edits you want to incorporate into your listings on third-party sites, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Website Widgets

Display information that you store in the Knowledge Manager — like product and service lists or bios of your staff — on your own website.

Scheduled Updates

Update the facts about your business on your own schedule so you never have to log in on a holiday.


Ensure your map pins appear correctly to drivers and pedestrians alike.

User Roles

Set multiple levels of user access so (for example) individual employees can update fields like store hours while keeping you in control of your corporate brand and logo.

Listing Analytics

View how consumers interact with your business online — and how that impacts your bottom line.

Custom Dashboards & Report Builder

Build custom, easily shareable dashboards for the data you receive from Listing Analytics. Particularly helpful when you have multiple business locations to keep track of. Dig deep into your data with flexible filters and dimensioning. Add custom metrics to your Analytics Dashboards.

App Directory

Connect the Yext Knowledge Engine with systems across your business.

Duplicate Suppression

Suppress duplicate listings with Yext’s patented process and according to each publisher’s best practices. Great for seeking out incorrect listings after business information like name, phone number, address, etc. has changed. It’s rare that some crucial piece of business information has not changed with time and will not change in the future, and many of these changes fail to aggregate correctly across some network sites, and are often identified as different entities and require manual correction that the automated sync cannot handle.

Duplicate suppression first sniffs out similar listings intelligently, presents them to you, and allows for you to identify which ones are relevant or not related to your business. Yext then requests the relevant listings be redirected, replaced with new information or removed, depending on how the individual publisher handles such requests. In some cases, the request may be denied for being too different from the current business information. Even when this occurs though, you can still provide support in the form of documentation to prove your claim to the listing.

Review Monitoring

Leverage Yext’s direct integrations with Knowledge Network partners to pull all your reviews from across the web into a single dashboard — so you stay informed in real time, at scale.

Social Location Page Posting

Engage customers by posting content to your location profiles on Google*, Facebook, and Foursquare.

Google Q&A

See and answer the questions your customers are asking about your business on Google, and sync your most common FAQs to your Google Maps listings.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how specific keywords correlate with positive or negative sentiment in your reviews.

Review Generation

Collect first-party reviews from your customers via email, text message, and more.

Review Publishing

Publish first-party reviews to your website, which can then be displayed in organic results (recommend Knowledge Tags in combination).

Review Insights

See the total count and distribution of your ratings — and how they impact your business — in Yext Analytics.

Review Response

Harness the power of Sentiment Analysis to build an effective response to reviews on Google and Facebook, as well as to any first-party reviews you generate.

Competitive Intelligence

Track how your star ratings and performance in search stack up against 5 competitors.

Knowledge Tags

Add powerful Schema markup to your website with just a single line of code. Schema markup helps intelligent services like search engines and digital assistants understand the content of your website, so they view it as a reliable source of information about your business.

Yext for Food

Sync the facts about your restaurant and menu items to key food service sites, including Postmates,, Zomato, and MenuPix.

Yext for Healthcare

Sync the facts about your healthcare professionals and facilities to key healthcare sites, including Vitals,, BetterDoctor, CareDash, EZDoctor, DocSpot, and DrScore.

Yelp Knowledge (5+ locations)

See 200 full text reviews, create a customizable photo slideshow, host videos, and run Sentiment Analysis on your Yelp reviews.


In addition to leveraging Yext’s direct integrations with Knowledge Network publishers, submit the facts about your business to Acxiom, Infogroup, and Localeze.