Aerial Drone Video Production in Maricopa

Our flexible drone videography services can be heavily customized according to your business needs and artistic vision. We'll make sure to get that "money shot" or your money back!

Maricopa Drone Photography/Videography Industries

Our aerial drone photography and videography services are an excellent fit for any commercial application. Whether you're trying to sell a property, plan an expansion or simply want to show off your Maricopa location, aerial footage captured with a drone can provide a uniquely impressive perspective.

A staple of successful real estate listings, aerial drone shots of a home and its surrounding neighborhood help solidify buyer interest. Aerial drone shots show off some of the most flattering angles of your Maricopa property and are a must for getting top-dollar for your listings.

Construction Drone Services

Get amazing before, during and after shots of your construction projects. Show off your Maricopa company’s hard work from unique aerial vantage points and wow prospective clients.

About Our Maricopa Drone Pilots

Our Drone Pilots Work Closely with Our Marketing Team

Few full-service marketing agencies in Maricopa have in-house drone capabilities and must contract their drone work out. We get a lot of such work from other Maricopa agencies who don't specialize in drone photography and videography.

Our Maricopa drone pilots are part of our core marketing team. They work closely with our creative department to capture the right type of aerial footage during your shoot, according to the needs of your project.

Have a creative project to discuss? Let’s chat!

phoenix arizona map restricted airspace

Our Maricopa Drone Pilots are FAA-Licensed

You might be surprised to find that many of Arizona’s cities and towns lie within restricted airspace where it is illegal to fly a drone without prior approval from the FAA and the related local airport's traffic control.

Having certified remote pilot licenses ensures our competent pilots can request permits to lawfully fly in restricted airspace (14 CFR Part 107).

Such licensure is also required for any business such as ourselves to charge money for aerial services, such as drone photography and videography.

Our Local Pilots Know Arizona

Our drone pilots are based in the Phoenix and Tucson areas and well-traveled in Arizona. They understand region-specific aspects of flying and photography in our desert and mountains, such as weather effects and time of day on our unique lighting interactions.

On top of their superb piloting skills, our drone pilots' local knowledge helps ensure the best footage is captured for your project, no matter where in the state or what time of year.

Pricing for Maricopa Drone Photography & Videography

The pricing below is intended as a general idea of our rates. We quote every shoot as a bespoke, custom project.

Small Shoot

  • 20+ edited photos
  • 1m video reel (+$350)
  • 20mi included *

Medium Shoot

  • 40+ edited photos
  • 2m video reel (+$600)
  • 30mi included *

Large Shoot

  • 60+ edited photos
  • 3m video reel (+$850)
  • 40mi included *

* Additional miles billed separately

AZ Drone Photography & Videography Locations

We shoot all over Arizona and can schedule travel for shoots anywhere in the state.

Phoenix Metro Locations

Other AZ Locations

Request a Drone Shoot in Maricopa

Provide us as much information as possible about your Maricopa drone photography and/or videography needs. We’ll follow up within 1 business day.

We also encourage you to give us call at: (602) 805-4420, particularly if you have a remote or out-of-state drone need.

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