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AI-based online paraphrasing tools are helping writers greatly. Now, you can save your time and effort to produce original content.

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Why is Content Important?

Content has become so important nowadays and it significantly influences many fields directly. Despite their objectives, content writers have to compose and deliver tons of articles on daily basis.

There are a lot of written activities and tasks for students to complete before deadlines and every time they have to come up with unique and plagiarism-free text files.

When bloggers write something, they intend to pass valuable content to users and subscribers. That is the reason, most of the time, business owners hire content writers for promoting and showing their services or goods most attractively.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Under all these circumstances mentioned above, it is obvious that it would be a difficult task to merely copy material from the Web or from other additional means (like journals, research papers, or newspapers) to compile and use some additional information to compose a specific paper.

A writer can get into serious trouble by using a piece of material that is not his or her own. They would not face severe consequences alone; their consumers would also be penalized as well as websites would be excluded from search engines.

So, every writer must write up an original piece of text every time to eliminate plagiarism in their text.

The Solution to Avoid Plagarism

The main approach to this issue considers to be rewriting or paraphrasing of content. Because content writing is all about rewriting and paraphrasing, you allow the material to be entirely changed and generate another piece of article from already existing information.

For this purpose, there are several tools available that are AI-based (using advanced intelligence technologies) and guarantee 100% reliability and the independence to produce original articles without causing plagiarism and accusation.

Top AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools to Avoid Plagarism

Here, in this article, we will review some of the best free and paid, easy-to-use paraphrasing resources that would assist you in rewriting and save your time.

1.     Prepostseo

This paraphrasing tool incorporates artificial intelligence just like every other tool discussed above but unlike other paraphrasing tools, it is completely free.



  • Offer multiple paraphrasing options

There are three paraphrasing options it offers:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative

The simple model of the tool works fine for rephrasing short and simple sentences as it does not make any notable changes to sentence structure.

The words and phrases are changed in Advance mode and allow you to change the content before it is completed.

As this tool is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and so the BETA version is the most surprising. This changes the arrangement of the phrases to improve the professionality of your content.

  • Upload and copy-paste

 It allows so many extra features such as uploading the text directly from Google Drive or OneDrive on your device or smartphone. You can also simply copy-paste the text and do paraphrase.

  • Supports 8 different languages

You can use this tool for performing paraphrasing in different languages as it supports 8 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Netherlands, Portuguese and Turkish.

  • Completely free

The best thing about the tool is that it’s free. You can compose bulk articles by using it, it would never ask you for any subscription and log-in details.

The tool has no limits on the word count but it has only limitations for an advanced mode that is 5000 words.

  • Gives SEO friendly results

The content rephrased for you will be SEO-friendly and human-readable.


It is one of the best and top-rated free platforms to paraphrase and rewrite original content and gives the most accurate results that help in avoiding plagiarism as well.

Its fast and accurate results are because of AI technology that never fails you. The other advantage is that the app is 100% free to use for beginners. It requires no registrations and signups, which speeds up the process. 1


In this respect the website has the following features in its competent article rewriter.

  • Different paraphrasing modes

Writers can choose the mode according to their needs. This online paraphraser provides basic and fluency modes completely free of cost.

To write papers in other professional modes, users can also pick fluency, standard and creative.

  • Word count for free

It allows paraphrasing up to 1000 words limit at one time for a free plans that is worth using for beginner writers and students.

3.     WordAi

WordAi is also one of the finest paraphrasing tools on the list. This web-based rewriter tool also utilizes artificial intelligence to make better and unique content while retaining its significance and context.

Besides, the WordAi team has launched its fourth version and claims that it is 149.8 times stronger than its previous version.


This paraphrasing tool has the following features:

  • Support multiple languages

Multiple languages such as French, Italian, and English, are supported by this paraphrasing tool that makes it stand out among others.

  • Provide bulk spinning

You can paraphrase up to a thousand articles in just a few clicks with its Bulk Spinning feature.

  • Give accurate results

It provides excellent results as it reframes not only words or phrases but also works on the whole paragraph and intelligently restructures it by using its AI technology.

  • Free to use

It offers 3 days of free trial to make you learn about its features and ask you that if you want to upgrade your plan and buy its premium version.

The downside of the tool is that it does not allow paraphrasing without logging for 3 days free trial.

  • Pricing plans

It usually costs up to $49.95 a month and $347 for a year.

If you want more than 3 million words to paraphrase a month, you need to reach the WordAi team to get a large API price quote. They also discussed charging $2 for every ten thousand words.

4.     Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief is the only paraphrasing tool present in the digital fields that provides both laptop and web-based versions to their customer.


The plus point or you can say an exceptional feature of the tool is that it lets the customers use all versions of the software at one purchase.


  • Support more than 20 languages

It has a wide cloud-based thesaurus and is developed by Spinner Chief actual users. Its cloud-based thesaurus is generally developed for supporting more than 20 languages that include Italian, Swedish, Portuguese (both Portugal and Brazil), Dutch, German, Indonesian, French and Spanish, and more.

  • Support customized spinning

When you will use this tool, you will come to know that it is possible to choose customized spinning rules for paragraphs and sentences.

  • Unique results

Spinner Chief makes basic spinning possible and because of this feature, many of its users are students.

You can paraphrase all articles in a chosen directory, and produce readable articles with a single push of the button that gives 100 percent unique content.

  • Content bomb

Another exceptional feature of the tool is Content Bomb that allows you to scrape content, photos, and videos to create a new post, which can be sent or saved in any customized format to a WordPress blog.

  • Free plans

Free – it is an excellent option for fundamental paraphrasing that is accessible for almost everyone.

Beginners and students can take a big advantage by using it.

  • Pricing plans

For the Elite version, there is a $175 one-time fee for the lifetime subscription.

For the most updated/latest version, it offers a one-off charge of $271 / $92 annually.

5.     Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is another tool that utilizes artificial (AI) and natural language (NLP) technologies for performing paraphrasing more professionally.

When you copy some text in its input box, the tool completely understands the context and analyzes it before giving results.


  • Support images and videos

It is one of the handsome features of the tool that in a couple of taps, automatically adds multi-resource images and videos.

  • Provide integration to other SEO tools

Because of this feature, it can be used with the integration of a wide range of specialized SEO resources such as N-spin, anchor text spin, random order, and anchoring, folder reorder, and bulk directory re-writers.

  • Create publishable content

Besides, it enables you to post paraphrased posts with one click on hundreds of your websites.

  • Free plans

Chimp Rewriter allows you to start up with a free 14-day trial for trying and understanding it properly before you turn to payment plans.

In addition, they provide their customers with a 60-day cash back guarantee option.

  • Pricing plans

It charges you a $15 a month Monthly Plan and 99 dollars a month for a yearly plan.


For writers, rewriting the content has not been a difficult challenge now because it has become of the availability of so many digital tools.

The major concern of every writer whether it’s a lecturer or a content writer or blogger is to write up unique and plagiarism-free content.

Here, online paraphrasing tools are helping writers greatly. Now, you can save your time and effort to produce original content.

The above-mentioned tools can satisfy the highest written standards for creating accurate, readable, and plagiarized-free content.   We have mentioned important features that would help you to pick the tool that fits the specific writing requirements.

About the Author: J. Parker