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Jack Dorney


Jack Dorney

Founder & CEO

Yes, it’s that Jack! Jack Dorney is Jack & Bean’s eponymous founder and a content marketing expert. Jack heads up J&B’s business development, but also consults on marketing strategy, process development and CRM implementations. His goal is to educate and empower business leaders and marketers with the tools, systems and knowledge to confidently engage their audiences.

“I’ve always found the challenge of bringing a new product or service to market extremely gratifying. When Kickstarter first launched, and the concept of crowdfunding was new, I cut my teeth on launching fashion goods and wearable tech. I learned the importance of brand story, marketing strategy and the user’s experience. Now, years later and primarily in the B2B space, rapid and sustainable growth is still my goal for every project. Empowering a team to accomplish the above provides me with enormous satisfaction.”

After several stints working on both sides of the in-house agency and digital marketing agency paradigm, in 2016 I started Jack & Bean with my talented and business savvy friend, David Raines. Our vision: help organizations tell their story, and drive their decision-making with better data. We now have a growing team of designers, developers, and writers. Through content marketing, SEO and professional web design, we’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their business goals and better communicate with their customers.”

Jack has participated in Arizona’s startup community as an organizer of PHX Startup Week since 2018.

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