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Yelp Advertising for Local Business

Yelp is an ideal advertising platform ideal for many local B2C business industries – contractors, in-home services, brick and mortar services and restaurants in particular. Yelp advertising opportunities include local search ads to drive calls, clicks to your website, and even direct inquiries through Yelp’s messaging system and the Yelp app.

We’re happy to crunch the numbers at no cost and see if your business and location is a good fit for Yelp Advertising.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Yelp Advertising Partner

Save Time & Money

Optimizing a campaign yourself is tedious. A certified partner is able to maximize the use of Yelp ads and can save you a substantial amount of money and effort in the long run.

Professional Best Practices

Yelp is a relatively young platform when compared with Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but trained and Yelp-certified PPC expertise still yields the best results.

Exclusive Features

In addition to Enhanced Profile features, you'll receive exclusive data to drive smart advertising decisions and have early access to new features as the platform grows.

The Importance of Advertising on Yelp Locally

As a Yelp Advertising Partner, Jack & Bean manages Yelp advertising campaigns for businesses to maximize their return on advertising spend. Some of the industries we work with regularly include construction, HVAC, damage restoration, and pest control. In all cases, we often see high rates of conversion as compared to other platforms given that Yelp users are more likely to be in the purchase stage of their customer journey.

Yelp ads are particularly effective for local business marketing. Since 79% of Yelp visitors make a purchase within a week of searching for a business, those companies who are advertising on Yelp are positioned to receive qualified traffic to their profile. If you aren’t ready to start up advertising on Yelp, simply optimizing your profile will help drive qualified traffic your way.

79% of Yelp visitors make a purchase within a week after searching for a business.

Already familiar with Yelp practices? Then you know that by default your business listing may show competitors’ ads on your profile. As a Yelp Advertising Partner, we offer enhanced profiles at no additional cost to a managed campaign. Enhanced profile features include a mobile and web call to action, messaging automation, video hosting, and portfolios, but we’re also able to eliminate competitor ads from your profile, allowing your customers to focus on engaging your business without the distraction of competing offers

In addition to profile enhancements, campaign, and listing management, as a Yelp Advertising Partner we have access to valuable tools to track user behavior. We are able to evaluate Yelp traffic to your business page and determine how users respond to specific information and calls to action. We use these insights to make consistent improvements to your business profile, your ad copy and keyword/geographic targeting, which results in more conversions and a better return on advertising spend.