Hosting & Website Maintenance

Laying a Proper Foundation

Your website is your digital storefront, and it deserves only the best operating environment. We offer world-class hosting solutions for an optimal user experience. We ensure your site stays up-to-date, backed up remotely, and secured from the ever-increasing and intricate threat of hackers.

Vps Web Hosting Ssds

VPS Web Hosting with SSDs

Websites have gotten fancy and feature-rich, and the overhead to run them has increased immensely. A slow hosting environment leads to a poor user experience, and so we employ scalable high-end VPS solutions utilizing solid-state drives (SSDs) – at minimum.

Weekly Website Updates Maintenance

Weekly Website Updates

Keeping your website’s environment updated is important for a host of reasons. Security foremost, as vulnerabilities are often pushed through new versions. Compatibility is also important, as WordPress plugins and themes can conflict and become outdated.

Automatic Remote Offsite Backups

Automatic Remote Offsite Backups

There’s no need for a backup, until there is. We offer quarterly, weekly, and even daily remote backups that are stored indefinitely on our remote enterprise-grade Google storage. Yes, you read correctly. We keep them for a long time. Like, forever. Unless you don’t want us to.

Active Security Ssl

Active Security & 2048-bit SSLs

An average website is hit with dozens if not hundreds of infiltration attempts every day. Our active security can lock your site like Fort Knox, and our 2048-bit SSLs keep data encrypted, so your visitors never have to worry about their privacy.

Performance Cdn Caching

Performance Enhancement: CDN & Caching

On top of our blazing fast hosting environment “foundation”, we also offer an optional CDN (content delivery network) through cloudflare to mimic your site on servers worldwide, as well as customizable caching solutions to serve up static assets faster on database-driven websites.

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