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Our Trusted Approach to Blog Writing

Any sustainable internet marketing effort should include a quality blog. With limitless potential for organic traffic, a properly planned blog can keep your organic traffic growth fueled indefinitely.

You can’t just write and expect results though. Successful blogs are carefully planned, data-driven with professional software, employ specific skill sets, and require a large time investment.

At Jack & Bean, we combine our professional yet creative content writing with potent research. This two-pronged approach ensures your blog experiences steady organic growth.

Each post begins with analysis of viable keywords and the interests of your audiences. We efficiently utilize you and your team as a resource for content and topic exploration. When finally armed with all the necessary components for success, we produce a professional, useful article that will impress you and your audience.

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Why Companies Use Jack & Bean for Blog Writing

Do you have dozens of hours each month to spend writing professional-grade content, and at least half that again to do keyword and audience research, in addition to running your company? For virtually all business owners, the answer is no, and that’s where we come in.

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At Jack & Bean, we not only alleviate the time required for blogging, but our expertise and proven approach ensure exceptional results. Our process is no secret, either. We’ve already given away the farm, having created an in-depth white hat SEO guide with various related blog articles of our own articles. We encourage you to check it for an in-depth look into what all goes into a powerful SEO strategy and why trusting professionals with your website’s blog content writing is essential.

We do genuinely encourage business owners to take as active a role in their content creation as they can. Unfortunately, most can’t run a successful growing business and also specialize in successful content writing and blogging. Jack & Bean fills this marketing void as a content creation agency. Through decades of experience in the industry, we’ve struck an incredible balance between utilizing our clients as resources and respecting their time.

As we plan content, we efficiently utilize you as a subject matter expert and keep you updated during the writing process, while using only about an hour of your time each month. The best part is, we produce professional organic ranking results that will keep bringing you customers indefinitely, while engaging your existing audience consistently.

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Blog Writers with Industry-Specific Experience

Each of our writers has developed subject matter expertise in several industry verticals. Common sectors include:


Healthcare & Dental


Law & Legal


Sports & Lifestyle

We will always make an effort to connect you with a writer who already has extensive experience writing content for your industry and similar audiences. Our writers have even visited the clients they’re assigned to in-person, even if they’re across the country, to ensure an in-depth understanding of each brand.

Overview of Our Blog Content Writing Process

Our writing process for SEO blogs is largely identical to that of our more generic business content writing services. The key to our process is in the preparation and planning, setting our writers up for success.

Step 1: Consultation

One of our managing partners will consult with you to ensure our services are a good fit for you and your content marketing needs. We’ll discuss your concerns, your goals, your struggles, and answer any questions. We also will set proper expectations for expectations based on your industry and budget. This discussion ensures a healthy long-term business relationship with one another.

Step 2: Writer Assignment

Once we have a thorough understanding of your content creation needs, we will assign you a dedicated writer who has related industry experience to your company. If possible, he or she will be local to your location for potential in-person collaboration. When that’s not possible, our writers have previously visited clients in-person so he or she can gain an intimate, in-person understanding of your company and brand. All of our writers are exceptionally qualified, have relevant college degrees like English and Journalism, and have years of blog and article authoring experience.

Step 3: Topic Exploration

Your writer will have brainstorming sessions with you whenever needed. These sessions will produce a wide spectrum of article ideas to explore and vet from a keyword and audience perspective.

We encourage fringe and creative ideas during this phase, as the more topics and broader selection we have to research, the more great choices we will be able to choose from. Generic, broader topics tends to be tougher, from a ranking perspective. We can utilize some really cool tools for blog ideas to help drill down into deeper, more viable topics if needed.

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Step 4: Keyword & Audience Research

Just because we come up with an interesting blog idea doesn’t mean it can easily succeed. Your topic and related keywords need to have sufficient organic search traffic, indicating searcher and audience interest. Even then, the keywords have to be attainable given your DR (Domain Rank), which we typically determine with Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. Sometimes great topics have to be tabled until your website is capable of ranking competitively for them by having more content and backlinks.

For more on how we help increase your DR and rank to become more competitive with Google, check out our various SEO services.

Step 5: Topic Organization and Selection

With the data from research as a guide, your writer will come up with an overall recommended plan for which articles and article arcs should be tackled and in what order. He or she will discuss this long-term plan with you in-detail. With an understanding of the data-driven plan, you’ll discuss and agree upon on the topic(s) to write about next.

Step 6: Interviewing You for Source Material

With a topic selected, your writer will source material, largely drawn from recorded interviews and discussion with you and your team⁠—the subject matter experts. This ensures our ghostwriting is authentic and retains your brand and voice.

Step 7: Drafting, Revising & Publishing Your Blog Article

Finally, our preparation efforts all culminate in a professional article being written. We will share and revise the content until you’re completely satisfied with the end-result. We will then publish the article to your blog for you, along with any related content such as images, videos, etc.

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Step 8: Repeat the Process!

The great thing about blogs is that they have no limits, and so we can just keep writing! We will repeat steps #5-7 for each article, occasionally backtracking as far as step #3 as needed, if you or we want to revisit content ideas.

As we repeat this process, you’ll watch as your organic rankings improve over the course of months and years. It’s not unrealistic to see your organic traffic increase by 200% or more in the first year alone! What is that kind of quality traffic worth to you?

Our Focus: Article Quality over Article Quantity

Your publishing frequency alone has nothing to do with your Google rankings. Quality, usefulness and backlinks are what are going to make your posts succeed—and that’s what we excel at. In fact, sacrificing article quality for the sake of frequency can actually have several negative effects.

Don’t Worry about Post Frequency – Less is Often More!

You’re much less likely to keep new and existing visitors engaged with low-quality posts and updates. We want your audience craving new content, not dreading or avoiding it. While a consistent blog writing effort is important, producing frequent low-quality content has a “spam” effect on your readers, whose attention spans are getting shorter all the time. Thus only the best, most highly-critiqued articles should make it to your blog. We ensure that for you.

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Publishing too frequently can also cause you to cannibalize your own organic efforts by ranking poorly multiple times for the same keywords. This happens often if blog topics overlap or repeat⁠—something businesses are prone to do on their own seasonally, for instance.

If a blog topic warrants revisiting, we just update the existing article, rather than creating a new one. Visitors love to see blog posts updating articles⁠—it gives them renewed relevance. This also ensures we keep the focus on one larger, great quality article rather than several smaller, superficial posts, and boosts the rankings of that single article. Quality, Quality, Quality.

Our golden rule is we don’t publish an article until it’s completely ready⁠—thoroughly explored, critiqued internally, reviewed externally. That begins with a baseline of 750-1500 words for adequate depth of topic, and sometimes much larger. But word count isn’t everything, obviously. There are various other metrics we consider, in addition to the abstracts of general high-quality. We go into great depth in our article on the anatomy of successful website content, if you’d like to learn more.

At Jack & Bean, we understand it’s much better to post a few high-quality articles less frequently than many mediocre articles often, and you will reap the benefits of this strategy with our blog writing services.

Blogging as Part of Your Content Marketing & SEO Strategy

Your blog is an essential component of your SEO efforts. For many successful companies, their blog is the first point of contact for many visitors. This first impression is vital, and the blog must reflect your brand; it must impress.

But your content marketing efforts shouldn’t be contained to just cultivating your blog. Your blog should be one large aspect of a more comprehensive content marketing campaign. Content can be repurposed into other formats like videos, infographics, and podcasts. Other channels such as guest posts, email newsletters, and social media posts should be utilized. Your audience needs to stay engaged, while we maintain your quality standards, and your search rankings will steadily climb.

This is what we do at Jack & Bean—we’re quality content marketers.

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