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Rebrand Including Name Change

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WordPress Website Overhaul

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65% Organic Traffic Annual Increase

Identified Brennan & Co’s Marketing Needs

Brennan & Co Cleaning Professionals is a cleaning business based in Queen Creek, Arizona. They focus on residential but also do commercial cleanings. They approached Jack & Bean with a desire to increase their organic traffic and qualified leads to their existing website.

Although an established domain with some existing authority, Brennan & Co had a desire to gain market share in comparison to their competitors, many of whom are larger and older than they are.

Jack & Bean performed competitive analysis to determine what aspects of Brennan & Co’s brand and website were lacking compared to their competitors. We then created a plan to refresh the branding and website, while simultaneously developing additional location-specific service pages to draw in additional qualified organic traffic and help that traffic convert into new customers.

Updated Branding & Updated Business Name

Brennan & Co’s full business name was quite lengthy:
Brennan & Co Home Cleaning Professionals

The reason for the lengthy brand name is they wanted their name to communicate core values and context.

Jack & Bean discussed and identified the “professional” aspect to be more crucial than the inclusion of “home” – which although a priority, is comprehensive of their service offerings, as they also included commercial/business cleaning services.

Thus, we dropped the “home” in their name and refreshed their logos and branding to reflect this change. This included updated branding assets with more standard and scalable image variations.

We also clarified use cases for brand guidelines across mediums, chiefly their website.

Revamped WordPress Website

Brennan & Co came to us with a functioning website. However, it had largely been built by the owner and thus had occasionally taken a backseat to the day-to-day operation of their business.

Jack & Bean identified both aesthetic, technical, structural and content deficiencies on Brennan & Co’s website, and developed a multi-phased plan.

  1. We updated their website’s theme and page templates to have a more consistent and cohesive feel across their site.
  2. We rewrote a great deal of their pages’ content and reorganized sections to be more user-intent focused.
  3. We overhauled their menus, pages and URL slugs to be more logically and usefully organized for SEO and UX considerations.

New Organic Service-in-Location Landing Pages

As part of their desire to bring in new organic leads and traffic, we identified the need for comprehensive landing pages specific to each major city Brennan & Co services with their cleaning offerings.

We created these Service-in-Location (SiL) pages and integrated them into the newly-refreshed website.

These new location-specific pages double as both location-specific endpoints for front-end navigation from other pages on the website as well as the most relevant organic result for many Google search results related to their target customers’ searches.

Ongoing Quality Blog Focus

Brennan & Co had been attempting to blog, but hadn’t achieved much success.

Jack & Bean utilized our keyword research skill sets to identify lucrative keywords with low difficulty and high organic traffic, which allowed us to immediately begin to generate organic traffic to their website’s blog, improving their domain’s authority.

We plan to continue to use their blog to drive relevant organic traffic to their website and prove to Google their authority on various topics related to home and business cleaning.

Results: 65% Organic Traffic Increase in First Year

At the conclusion of our first year of gradual work on Brennan & Co’s website, we were able to determine through GA4 that we had increased organic traffic to their site by 65% YoY.

This increase in traffic was even more dramatic in the more recent months, where the upswing of traffic from the new service pages and blogs was felt even more intensely, often nearly doubling the previous year’s numbers.