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Produce top-tier professional content for any marketing channel. Through collaboration with your company, our professional content writing services convey your expertise and impress your consumers, while retaining your brand’s voice.

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Our Rock-Solid Approach to Business Content Writing

At Jack & Bean, we understand that you are the subject matter expert for your industry. As expert copywriters for any niche, we aim to elevate your expertise and tell your brand story through our professional content writing services.

Your brand conveyance is particularly important when it comes to your company’s static content pages (SCPs) – the information about your products and services that your customers use as part of their buying decision process. Your written content must convey the unique voice and differentiation of your business. Your expertise must come across as credible, your facts must be accurate, and your rationale relatable to someone who does not know your offerings or industry as well as you do.

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We begin most business content writing relationships with critical analysis (and typically heavy expansion) of each business’s static content pages on their website and other customer-facing mediums. Once this core content is solidified, we move into secondary content types, such as blogging, guest blogging, case studies, white papers, eblasts, etc. From here, there is no end to how much we can help promote your business through content.

Regardless of content type, we closely collaborate with you to ensure that the content we create both reflects your distinct voice and resonates with your audience. The foundation of your brand is laid in your content, and we ensure it’s rock-solid. So why not get the ball rolling? Contact us about content writing for your business.

Why Companies Use Jack & Bean for Business Writing

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Professional content writing is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Most businesses find it’s much more costly to cultivate professional-grade content internally, rather than use a specialized content marketing agency like Jack & Bean.

Even companies with dedicated marketing departments utilize our business content writing services at times, allowing their marketing team to focus on their strengths, and understanding that our expertise in the field of content writing can’t easily be matched.

Our content department consists of professional writers with years of industry-specific experience. We take the time to thoroughly understand your prospective consumers, and are able to deliver compelling copy to any marketing channel. Content writing is what we do, and we do it well, so you don’t have to.

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Unlimited Business Content Writing Options

Your Jack & Bean content team can create many types of written assets for your business, including:

Website Copy

Blog Articles

Case Studies

Press Releases

White Papers & eBooks

Email Newsletters

In addition to content writing, your business can also take advantage of our graphic design, photography and videography services, all intended to round out your content offerings and ensure you stand out among your competition.

Our Business Content Writing Process

We don’t just sit down and start writing out of thin air for you. Our professional content writing process includes several fundamental phases before we even reach production.

We always start by assigning you at least one dedicated writer, typically with relevant industry experience in or near your business’ niche. We then explore the intent and usage of your content, and from there brainstorm topics and develop a prioritized content road map for the coming months.

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As broad content marketing strategy, we take a broad critical look at existing content, and ensure your website’s static content pages, like your products and services, are completely built out. Many businesses have not done this adequately, and it’s crucial.

With your your business website’s core content solidified, we move into carefully planned blogging, as well as guest blogging for backlinks, as a minimum. Other content needs can occur at this time as well, including case studies, press releases, white papers, ebooks, email newsletters, infographics, photography, video production, and more.

Next, your writer will develop an outline for your approval. Once approved, he or she will source material, drawing directly from interviews and discussion with you, the client.

Finally, with the source and outline foundations laid firmly, your content writer will produce your content piece. His or her source material efforts will be combined with writing skills to craft a professional content piece that is only considered complete once we have your unwavering blessing.

We wrap up each business writing effort by ensuring your content is distributed to any relevant channels such as your website or print media.

One Writer to Craft it All: Our Foundation for Content Consistency

One of the keys to our high-quality writing deliverables is our insistence upon assigning as few writers to a company account as possible. This almost always results in one writer per account, although exceptions do occur with massive ongoing content needs or extremely tight deadlines. The general rule of thumb internally for us is: one content writer per client account.

Your company will interact and communicate directly with your writer, and he or she will provide all of your content writing needs. This helps reinforce our goal of creating and maintaining a consistent voice and message across all mediums. This not only helps keep content quality high, but your relationship with a single writer streamlines related discussion, as he or she will become intimately familiar with your business and industry for maximum efficiency and exceptional results.

All of our content writers are exceptionally qualified and experienced in their craft. They all are in-house, native English speakers who hold college degrees in related fields such as English and Journalism. We don’t outsource your content creation overseas⁠—maintaining our high standards of quality starts with keeping it all under one roof. If we have a content writer with background experience related to your industry, they likely will be assigned to your account based on that relevant experience. Between their education and passion for their produced work, you can be confident your writer’s end product will be extraordinary.

Exploring Intent and Content Usage

Before we dive into content writing, we take a step back and discuss your overall content needs and goals. This initial in-depth discussion usually lasts about an hour and will involve a managing partner as well as your content writer. During this meeting we will establish the intent of the content being written and the mediums it will be marketed across. This consultation often reveals challenges not initially considered, such as static copy vs copywriting vs blog content needs, image and video considerations, SEO concerns, and more.

If your content is intended for website usage and if organic rankings are of serious concern, we strongly encourage a separate discussion regarding SEO strategy and potential. If you haven’t considered an active blog component of your site, we will discuss the necessity and ROI of a proper blog, and how it should co-exist with other static website pages and related content. Our writers are skilled in SEO-friendly writing and deployment⁠—your new content will rank organically by nature, but analysis of viable keywords and topics will also be researched beforehand to ensure maximum organic potential and proper expectations. Our professional content development is often just one facet of our extensive ongoing SEO services we provide to clients.

Developing a Content Roadmap

Once the types of content needed have been identified and everyone is confident regarding the intent and scope of your content roadmap, we will then move the discussion towards planning. This begins by thoroughly brainstorming and identifying core topics, distinct pages, and crucial cornerstone pieces. We will then prioritize the order of production of this phase of content pieces.

Depending on your niche, we often will utilize competitor research to ensure our content creation plans are comprehensive. Detailed keyword research can be utilized in this phase if SEO is a core concern with the content, and can drive some of the content direction if appropriate. With the content pages scoped out and prioritized, we then move to source material collection.

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Material Drawn Directly from the Source: You

Our writers do not make up content material out of nothing, and although we can research topics in-depth to write about, we prefer to collaborate and involve you and your business during this phase as well. Close collaboration ensures that the final content produced is as accurate and representative of your brand and vision as possible.

Our preferred way to collaborate for source material is through phone interviews and meetings. Our writers facilitate recorded sessions, during which they will guide discussion regarding the next topic(s) to be written about. In essence, you are being interviewed for your own content creation purposes.

These interviews allow us to gather information directly from you in a natural and conversational manner. This lets you, the expert, convey the subject material to us verbally, efficiently, and without having to worry about the end presentation—we’ll handle all of that. We will also guide the discussion and help consider facets that may be overlooked from an inside perspective. We typically begin outlining the article during the call, which helps to ensure all the elements discussed are included.

Another way we can facilitate content development is by spring-boarding off of content sitemaps or individual articles written by clients. Although it’s not as common for us to accept unedited content from clients, it still provides us with a very strong content foundation. We typically recommend the former verbal interview method whenever possible, due to the efficiency and natural depth a conversation allows for, but this alternative method can also be used as supplementary material to a phone interview.

We also can perform in-depth research and utilize other means of sourcing content material. Our writers aim to be well-educated in that specific topic at the end of writing an article, so we will utilize as many avenues as need to ensure we gather accurate and comprehensive information. Regardless of collection method, once armed with our source material, we finally move into content production.

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Content Writing Production and Revision

Our content writing almost always begins by returning to the outline begun by our client interviews. We then utilize our recorded conversations to ensure no tidbit is missed, and refer to other sources for material when applicable. From there, our content writer will perform his or her magic and develop a high-quality content piece. If any supplementary content like images, videos or infographics are required, these will be finalized during this phase as well. After internal review, it will then be shown back to you for your criticism and revision. We will make as many rounds of revisions as necessary until you’re proud to call the content yours.

Content Implementation

With a completed content piece in-hand, we will then implement that content into whatever channels needed. Most of the time, this is involves us creating a web page to house the article. Luckily, our agency has a strong background in web design and development, so you can rest assured your content will be displayed beautifully and appropriately.

Of course, your website isn’t the only medium you might want content displayed through. We can flow your created content into print media like flyers, brochures, signage, and many other mediums. As a modern digital agency, there’s no content medium we can’t handle.

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