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Yext Setup

Yext Setup

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First email template

This is {so-and-so} at Jack & Bean. I’ll be heading up your business listing management. I’m excited to collaborate with you to utilize Yext and ensure your business is accurately represented across all 3rd-party sites.

This week we began the process of submitting your business details to Yext. We have already created your entity within Yext and supplied some of the basic information. The next step is you filling in as much as you can. The more you can complete for us upfront, the better.

You have two steps moving forward:

  1. The link below is to a core checklist that will cover the basics for maximum return on effort. Complete as much of that as you can – it doesn’t require any logging in complication.
    {link generated from Yext}
  2. You also should have gotten an email prompting verification and login credentials for you to access the portal directly, so you can edit all of the information allowed for, which is quite extensive. This will eventually be how we recommend you address any changes and updates. Let me know if you have any issues logging in or if you didn’t get the email, etc.

Please complete the first step as soon as possible and get as far as you can on step 2. We’ll be standing by in the wings to answer any questions that arise and fill in the gaps.

Looking forward to assisting you.