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MainWP Site Launch Guide

MainWP Site Launch Guide

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Adding a new site

  1. Navigate to: MainWP Dashboard > Sites > Add New
  2. Add as an https (SSL-secured) site.
  3. Username is usually “jackandbean” or “davidraines”.


  1. Define static or maintained
  2. Define if Jupiter 6, Jupiter 10, Avada-based, or legacy/other.


Apply global Branding options.

Leave all other options blank/default.

Add – done.

Advanced Uptime Monitor

  1. Navigate to: MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Advanced Uptime Monitor.
  2. Click “Create New Monitor”.
  3. Monitor type should be: http(s)
  4. Friendly name should be the TLD. Ex. “”
  5. URL should be the full TLD with protocol. Ex. “”
  6. Monitoring interval should be “5” (minutes, default)
  7. Click “Create Monitor” – done.

BackupBuddy Setup

Navigate to: MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Buddy

Remote Destinations

Hit “Save Settings” on the following Destinations. Each destination will take a few moments to resave all sites, including any newly added ones.

  • Permanent Monthly Backups
  • Daily Backups

Do not actually change any settings without explicit permission!


  1. Monthly Backups: Click “Edit Schedule”. Check that both “Maintained” and “Static” groups are selected in upper right “Groups” panel, and then click “Save Schedule”. All sites get monthly backups.
  2. Daily Backups: Only edit if the site is a maintained site. If so, click “Edit Schedule”. Check that just the “Maintained” group is selected in upper-right “Groups” panel, and then click “Save Schedule”.


Just hit “Save General Settings” allow it to run.

Code Snippets

Navigate to: MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Code Snippets. Click “Load”, select all via upper-right panel checkbox under “Select Sites”, “Save & Execute Snippet”, and confirm, for the below snippets. The popup window will confirm when the snippet has been saved/executed successfully, either with “Process completed successfully.” with “Execute on Child Sites” snippet types, or “Snippet saved succesfully” on “Save to wp-config.php” snippet types (defined on right panel).

  1. 1024MB WordPress Memory Limit
  2. Hide BackupBuddy Remote Destinations submenu
  3. WordPress Login Page Logo URL update to J&B

You can navigate back to the Saved Snippets via the black menu bar above as well.