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Adding Mailgun to J&B-hosted Website

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Install the Mailgun Plugin

Ensure Mailgun is installed and activated:

Add domain to Mailgun

  1. Log into Mailgun:
  2. “Sending > Add New Domain”
  3. Enter the root domain name – no mg. subdomain!
  4. Select 2048-bit key (default may be 1024).

Add Necessary Cloudflare DNS Entries

  1. Log into Cloudflare in a different tab/window (leave Mailgun open):
  2. Find domain, navigate to it’s DNS subdashboard
  3. Add both TXT files and the CNAME specified in Mailgun
  4. Verify at the bottom of the mailgun page. Sometimes you have to hit verify 2-3X for it to go through for the CNAME.

Do not enter the MX records, they are not necessary for sending mail and can complicate mail delivery.

Configure Mailgun in WordPress

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Settings > Mailgun”
  2. Enter the root domain in “Mailgun Domain Name” field
  3. Enter the Private API key found back in Mailgun, under “Settings > API Keys”. The same API key is used across all sites, you can copy it from another site as well. NEVER refresh/renew it in Mailgun!
  4. “From Address” is typically “[email protected]”.
  5. “From Name” is typically the business name.
  6. Click “Save Changes”, and then “Test Configuration”.

If all went well, you should have received an email confirming that the setup works.