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Common Plugins

Common Plugins

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Required Plugins

Always license and update each plugin to its latest version before customizing any settings.

Theme-agnostic plugins

These plugins are considered required for every WordPress site we build, regardless of what is theme used, and have initial settings that require defining, below.

Auto Image Attributes Pro (and Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater)

The premium plugin requires the base plugin to work. Click WP Admin notification or installed plugin page link to access license key entry field.

Requires license key. Refer to LastPass for license key.

Settings are in “WP Dashboard > Settings > Image Attributes Pro”

Initial Setup

WP Dashboard > Settings > Image Attributes Pro > Basic Settings > General Settings

  • Set Image Caption for new uploads >> Disabled
  • Set Image Description for new uploads >> Disabled

Advanced > Capitalization Settings >> Use title casing

Bulk Updater Settings / Bulk Updater (run)

If you need to bulk update any existing photos, on the “Bulk Updater Settings” page, deselect “Update Image Caption” and select “Remove hyphens from filename”, “Remove underscores from filename”, and “Use title casing”. Always do a full backup first, and run on the “Bulk Updater” tab.


Requires license authentication. Refer to LastPass for login. Activates both BackupBuddy and iThemes Security Pro.

Navigate to “Dashboard > BackupBuddy > Settings > Licensing”, and enter the iThemes username and password found in LastPass.

Once activated, both plugins will likely need to be updated to the latest version.

The remaining settings for this plugin will be defined in our MainWP installation that manages all hosted websites. See our MainWP Site Launch Guide article for more information on setting up the initial plugins from that interface. Do not define settings in the individual plugin.

You may, if need be, create and/or download one-off backups locally during development.

Gravity Forms

Requires license key. Refer to LastPass for license key.

The remainder of the setup wizard can be clicked through on defaults until it prompts to create a form.

iThemes Security Pro

Requires license authentication. Typically is activated at the same time BackupBuddy is, above.

Navigate to “Security > Settings”

  1. Within “Notification Center > Default Recipients”, uncheck “All Administrator Users” and only select the jackandbean username (or equivalent). Uncheck all checkboxes below unless otherwise specified.
  2. Enable “SSL”
  3. Disable “Two-Factor Authentication”


To help ensure delivery of website-originated emails, we use Mailgun to authenticate and send from WordPress. See our Mailgun Setup article for the full walkthrough.

MainWP Child

This child plugin connects to our dedicated WordPress installation for managing all of our hosted websites. Once activated on the live domain, it must be immediately connected to the MainWP Dashboard, for security – an unmistakable red banner will remind of this.

Rank Math

WP Compress