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A&R Construction

We helped A&R Construction develop their brand, launch their website and target niche markets organically where they continue to rank top-of-page with Google.

Obtained #1 SERP rank on Google for hundreds of local keywords


Yelp PPC campaign filled pipeline, backlogged for months


Comprehensive Branding & Marketing Strategy

A&R Construction’s Marketing Challenges

When the owners of A&R Construction of Eastsound, Washington were referred to us for marketing assistance, they were a fledgling construction business. A&R had been operating on just door-to-door canvassing and word of mouth to generate new business, leaving their pipeline vulnerable to slow periods. They had no brand or collateral, no website, virtually no internet presence, and no idea of how to proceed. As bleak as their situation looked, A&R was the perfect blank canvas for us as a digital marketing agency.

Due to their limited existing marketing methods, A&R struggled to keep a steady pipeline of jobs queued up. The owners were spread extremely thin at the time. They functioned as the primary salesmen, job foremen, and sometimes even as the laborers when needed since they came from related construction backgrounds themselves.

roofing construction contractor marketing

Unable to continuously focus on bringing in new business due to other company duties, they were experiencing “feast and famine” cycles. For a few weeks they would be extremely busy ensuring jobs were being completed and customers taken care of, and then their pipeline would dry up and they would switch gears again to finding new customers. They had identified that some level of marketing could help fill these gaps, and that is where we, Jack & Bean, came into their story.

Expanded Their Wants into a Focused Marketing Strategy

A&R’s Construction’s initial marketing wants focused around developing a website and related branding. We were happy to work with them to provide this swiftly, but we also broadened the discussion to include a much larger scope of needs and solutions. Once completed, their brand and website had expanded roles to play across many mediums.

Their brand needed to be expanded far beyond just the traditional scope of a logo, colors, fonts, etc. We identified its ability to include myriad physical materials, clothing, and even work vehicle wraps. These would then be used both in-person and via mail to engage their targeted communities.

ar construction branding collateral

A&R’s website would gradually grow to become a large construction resource for their niche locale in the San Juan Islands, resulting in sustainable organic web traffic and leads. They also needed to have their business information properly synced across all relevant sites, particularly review locations like Google and Yelp, where many people check before investing large sums of money into construction-related projects. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads and targeted landing pages also would help ensure a steady flow of leads for their high-end construction services.

Developed Unified Branding & a Beautiful WordPress Website

Expanding upon the initial logo/website discussion from first contact, we helped A&R envision their entire brand holistically. We drew inspiration from the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands where they are based (Orcas Island). An isolated community of islands, residents and visitors alike require planes or boats to travel to and from the various islands and the Washington mainland. We therefore settled on deep sea and sky blues as the primary colors. With much of the community being older and retired, the owners identified a desire to not look overly-modern, and so we went with mild, rounded serif fonts for a softer feel. We also made sure to not come across as overly salesy, focusing on quality and reputation with our content.

ar construction website wordpress

As part of a solid marketing foundation, we developed a much-needed website for A&R Construction. WordPress-based, their website has grown as they’ve incorporated more services over time. Their website strongly communicates their brand and mission and is easy to navigate, taking into account their community’s older roots. Being mobile-friendly and SEO-rich, the site eventually came to rank competitively for hundreds of keywords, in conjunction with our SEO and content writing services.

Distributed Physical Collateral for Brand Awareness

We quickly expanded A&R’s branded collateral to include much more than just digital assets like their logo and branding guidelines. We also produced a variety of physically branded materials, as the San Juan Islands were known for being a laid-back community less internet-reliant than average. Business cards were obvious standard fare, and tri-fold brochures supplemented in-person conversation with additional information about their services. Work t-shirts and hats were created for the employees, which made their crews look much more professional. From there, we got more creative.

We produced a batch of door hangers for in-person distribution on Orcas Island. The door hangers were so successful in producing leads that we expanded that outbound marketing effort to include mailed postcards as part of an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaign with the United States Postal Service. This once again led to a large boost in business, and has led to subsequent season and niche EDDM campaigns, due to its incredible continued success.

To further stand out and remain recognized on the San Juan Islands, we helped develop the assets needed to have their work trucks completely wrapped in their tranquil light blue brand color, along with their logo, services, and contact information. Residents in their small island communities instantly recognize A&R’s trucks around the islands everywhere they go, and has proved yet another marketing channel by which they receive leads and start discussions with residents.

ar construction branding wrap vehicle truck

SEO & Content Writing Led to Organic Search Domination

Due to the small, limited market A&R Construction serves, we identified an opportunity to quickly dominate their locale’s organic search results, even as a newcomer to the competitive organic search scene. We targeted local keywords and A&R’s relevant services in conjunction with our quality content writing efforts.

We subsequently produced professionally written content for their website and various marketing materials. Our copywriters have written over 30,000 words of content for their various services channels. We took careful consideration to ensure the tone of their content matched that of their older, established island community. We even traveled to the remote San Juan Islands to produce drone video footage of the beautiful locales and provided professional photography.

Within just a few months, A&R Construction was on the first page of Google results for hundreds of organic keywords. It didn’t take much longer for them to climb the last few coveted spots in their local search results into the coveted top three, where two thirds of all organic clicks from searches occur. Despite having the initial disadvantage of being a newcomer to their market, A&R Construction now ranks above all their competitors for many of their local keywords, due to our SEO efforts.

top of page google rankings construction

Yext Listings & Yelp PPC Ads Produced Endless Leads

As a construction contractor, Yelp and other review sites are extremely important to A&R Construction. Consumers often look to Yelp, Google, and others to find a qualified and reliable contractor, especially for large jobs like roofing and exterior paint, which A&R specialized in initially.

We first ensured unified branding and complete, accurate information across various web directories and listings through Yext. Within a few weeks, A&R went from non-existent on the internet to being listed on every notable social media and business directory site. Many of the top organic results for local searches in the San Juan Islands result in Yelp and other 3rd-party websites’ results pages, even before individual business websites, so it was crucial to be included in these limited searches.

yelp construction roofing painting seo

We developed PPC campaigns with Google Ads to help keep their pipeline of jobs filled. We eventually helped develop a PPC ad campaign for Yelp in particular, since the owners had identified that many of their most qualified leads were finding them there. This campaign led to a massive increase in customer inquiries within just minutes of activating the campaign. We even had to pause the campaign at times, as they were getting so much business they were booked out for 6+ months and weren’t growing fast enough – a great problem to have!

Defying the Odds as a Newcomer to an Established Community

Through a focused marketing strategy, we helped A&R develop their branding and website, created wildly successful EDDM mail campaigns to help reach residents without internet, utilized professional content writing to dominate organic rankings, and ensured managed PPC ads produced an endless supply of new leads.

Despite being a newcomer to a tight-knit community that was well-established, A&R Construction was able to position their company as a reliable source for exterior construction services like roofing and painting in the San Juan Islands, through Jack & Bean’s digital marketing solutions.