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Startup Branding, Website, SEO, PPC, EDDM Mailers

Ranks #1 on Google for hundreds of local keywords

Yelp PPC campaign has kept pipeline full for months

Comprehensive Branding & Marketing Strategy

A&R Construction had no marketing solutions when they came to Jack & Bean. They needed complete branding, a website, and digital marketing solutions to bring in business and maintain their pipeline of booked jobs. We analyzed their market and determined their niche to be an ideal candidate for target SEO and PPC campaigns.

We created their branding and assets, drawing inspiration from the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands where they are based. This eventually came to include not just digital assets like their logo and branding guidelines, but also a host of other branded material: business cards, brochures, door hangers, postcards, work t-shirts, hats, and more. We even developed specifications for complete vinyl wraps for their business trucks, pictured below.

As part of a solid marketing foundation, we developed a modern WordPress website for A&R Construction, which has grown as they’ve incorporated more services over time and niched down exclusively into the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington state. Their website is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and SEO-rich, ranking competitively for hundreds of keywords.

We also helped produce professionally written content for their website and various marketing materials. Our copywriters have written over 30,000 words of content for their various channels. We took careful consideration to ensure the tone of their content matched that of their older, established island community. We even traveled to the remote San Juan Islands to produce drone video footage of the beautiful locales and provided professional photography.

Due to the small, limited market A&R Construction serves, we discovered an opportunity to quickly dominate their locale’s organic search results, even as they spooled up for business. We targeted local keywords and A&R’s relevant services in conjunction with our quality content writing efforts.

Within just a few months, they were on the first page of Google results for hundreds of organic keywords. It didn’t take much longer for them to climb the last few coveted spots in their local search results into the coveted top three, where two thirds of all organic clicks from searches occur. Despite having the disadvantage of being a newcomer to their market, A&R Construction now ranks #1 for many of their local keywords, due to our SEO efforts.

As a construction contractor, Yelp and other review sites are extremely important to A&R Construction. Consumers often look to Yelp, Google and others to find a qualified and reliable contractor, especially for large jobs like roofing and exterior paint, which A&R specializes in. We first ensured unified branding and complete, accurate information across various web directories and listings through Yext. We then helped develop a PPC ad campaign for Yelp in particular, which led to a massive increase in customer inquiries within minutes of activating the campaign.

Determined to establish their presence and maintain awareness within their island community, many residents of which do not use the internet heavily, we produced various print materials to hand out and deliver. We created flyers and brochures for in-person distribution. Perhaps more notably, we produced postcards as part of an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaign with the United States Postal Service, which led to a large boost in business as well, and has led to subsequent campaigns, due to its incredible success.

To further stand out and remain recognized, we helped develop the assets needed to have their work trucks completely wrapped in their tranquil light blue branded color, along with their logo, services and contact information. Residents in their small island communities instantly recognize A&R’s trucks around the islands, everywhere they go.

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